Tuesday, February 23, 2016


We all need someone in life. Someone whose one look can give you a rush of feelings. Whose one hug can make you forget all your problems. One that makes you look forward to the days ahead. One that brings excitement in your life and makes you feel alive.

Friday, January 15, 2016

In his memory

Time goes by so fast. It just seems like yesterday that we talked. It's already been over two years since you've gone but here I am still remembering you. I miss you but I guess you already know that. All the times we talked, joked are still fresh in my mind. I never thought I would miss you so much. I thought I had moved on. But looks like I never did. Life would be so different if only u were here. Sometimes I still feel your presence. In the early days after you were gone I feared that presence. Now, I expect it. I want it. It somehow makes me feel secured. I couldn't tell you what I felt because I myself didn't know it. Now, that I know it you are gone. Gone so far that memories of you is all I have. Those memories will always be with me. I am thankful to have ever known you. You did give me a FOREVER within the numbered days.

One - sided Love

Loving someone is not easy. It takes time, patience and strength to overcome obstacles. Jut loving someone is not enough. You need to be committed to them. If you are a person who is in one - sided love, then that's the most painful thing. You look at someone with love but you never get looked at the same way. If you get to meet them everyday, it has both positive and negative aspects. You need to have strength to see them flirting with others, giving priority to others as if you don't even matter. Sometimes, I feel like I'm just an obligation to them. He bears with him just because he has to and every chance he gets he will choose to make you feel bad. He cares about everything in this world except you.
On the positive side, at least you get to be with them. You can't force anyone to like you back so if they don't we just need to let it be...

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dream Boy

Every girl has fantasies about her dream boy. Like every girl I have some fantasies too. When you look  around you are surrounded by people. People that might know your name but not your story. People who don't really care. They do listen to you but don't really understand. In the journey of life, we meet many people. We have crushes on people that might not even last for a day. We meet people and think they are the one for us. We get into relationships and sometimes suffer from a heartbreak. Not every crushes and love at first sights turn into a life long relatonship. Love is special. It's beautiful.  :)
    Well, I am waiting for my dream boy too. Someone who will sweep me off the floor. Someone who really cares and truly loves me. He need not be rich or handsome or anything like that. But I won't might mind the good looks. ;)  It may seem that the lines are just for saying, after all that's what everyone says. But I think relationships doesn't just become strong with  only love. I am not saying love is not important. Of course, it is important! But there has to be trust and understanding too. After all you wouldn't want to spend your life with someone who loves you but doesn't trust and understand you. Atleast I don't want that kind of relationship! 
I want someone who accepts me with all my flaws. Who brings out the best in me. Someone with whom I can be myself. I don't want a guy who will shower me with gifts but won't spend time with me. I want someone who will take me someplace far from the crowd, where we can be alone. Where I can sit with my head on his shoulder, hand in hand and enjoy a peaceful scenery. Someone who can understand me by just a look. No words be exchanged.
Sometimes when I look around and see those in love, I feel empty. I wish even I had someone who loved me. I am sure most of you feel the same too.  But we can do nothing but wait and hope that someday we will that certain someone who will make us feel special. There is someone for everyone. I hope my someone will find me soon. I am waiting for you.